the Dan Snaithstival continues

From Dan Snaith:

the daphni caribou thing is this way in my head:

daphni stuff is very much functional club music - it lives in that specific musical world, at least in my conception of it - whereas caribou music can contain anything (including club influenced music obviously)... it's more a musical diary or photo album of my life... everything can and should end up in there. the intention is different - when i'm sitting down to make daphni music it's usually because i have a dj gig that weekend (or soon, anyway) and i'm making something for that purpose. caribou music making is much more integrated into the general comings and goings of my personal life ... i'm always working on stuff that could be caribou music. also, having made a bunch of daphni music i often come back to caribou missing harmonic changes, traditional song structures, singing, lyrics, ... that was definitely the case on this album. so sometimes the two things attract one another and sometimes they repel.

i hope that helps! i'm not sure there's a razor sharp distinction between the two things but those are some ruminations on how they're different in my head. 

The Jialong album is sublime.