Feathers + Lizzy Grant

The playlist here corresponds to Feathers, one of the twenty-odd chapters in Flux Cake (FSG/MCD, TK). From the text:

A feather implicates both bodies. A feather is in the frame and carries a charge. A feather pulls it off. A feather is not stated but it is not absent. A feather is off, like the gleam of something living. A feather creates a short and pleasurable pain to suppress a deeper and longer pain.

I’m hearing a lot of talk about Lana Del Rey. I said this seven years ago. I like Lana’s routine more in 2019, possibly because she has repeated it and I am comforted that she still sounds like herself, possibly because she is rendering that self more clearly. As for fears around the word “persona,” oh boy. There is nothing less spontaneous and natural than going into a recording studio.

This is my 2019 playlist. Have a great weekend!