good luck

I’ll stay out of your hair this week but I wanted you to leave you with a resource that’s done me right for the last four years. A brilliant couple named Jack and Elaine do a show called Time Is Away for NTS. They use spoken word sources—TV, film, records, anything—to create a vocal narrative that positions all the music flowing around it. The two layers drive each other, a bit like open-ended documentary. It’s crate-digging from a different kitchen. Time Is Away is about patience and serious attention and a faith in the act of study, all of which feel pleasantly opposed to this moment.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10 AM, they’re broadcasting a new one. It’s a corker.

“This programme is the second part of short series rotoed in Derek Jarmanʼs memoir, Modern Nature. It tracks Jarmanʼs movements between London and Dungeness, between hospital and home, to attempt a portrait of a year in the life of one of Britain’s foremost visionary artists.”