Rob Doyle + Maintenance

A piece on Rob Doyle’s new novel, Threshold, is up at Bookforum now. More importantly, here are three ways to take care of yourself.

Via Bob Christgau’s Substack, an album of Sufi improvisation and zhikrs by Orüj Güvenç and Tümata.

For the debut edition of his NTS show, METTA DÔME, Stephen O’Malley presented a series of raga tracks from the early 60s, collected by French Bharathanatyam dancer Amala Devi, who passed away in 2014.

Record collector Chris King, who I’ve gotten to know a little, is doing some podcasts about his life and collecting records. This one features him talking about his grandfather and a shack and how it all began. You’ll hear “Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground” by Blind Willie Johnson, which could easily be a raga.

If something unites all the music that elevates, it’s an ability to suspend a line, to stop time, to both hold you and release you. That is this.