helicopters + hair

Live television is unforgiving. The acoustics in halls built for filming are awful, the camera angles and lighting are out of your control, and the pressure is insane. With that in mind, watch Rosalía and Las Ocho Rosas perform “A Palé” and “Con Altura” at the Latin Grammys (if you can find a link). They use a backing track for the music, but none of Rosalía’s vocals are enforced with a guide track. You hear her being slightly breathless a few times, which only makes what she does more remarkable. You try making your hair into helicopter blades while singing and dancing (equal modalities in Rosalía’s art).

If you think I go on too much about Rosalía, imagine it’s 1967 and you’re not freaking out about every single moment Jimi Hendrix gives you. Live in the now, friends.