I started a blog in October of 2003 and my approach has not changed much since then. I put up digital photos, essays, contextualized links, mixes, audio messages, and interviews. I write all of it, unless somebody does a guest post, which hasn’t happened in years. Joe Levy and Heidi DeRuiter edit all of the posts. If you’re looking for my main website, that is this.

Anything you pay us helps—a lot—but there is no paywall. If you signed up with an email address, you’re subscribed. Your contribution is a donation. You can give us $5 for a month or $50 for a year. Or more. Or nothing. It’s like Bandcamp’s “name your price” function, except the interface limits you to three price points.

Better that you read for a year and contribute, than feel compelled to pay for something you don’t know. We need you more than we need your money.